Slaying The Digital Beast (physical book)

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Slaying the Digital Beast: 10 Critical Strategies Every Business Leader Must Know to Gain Control of Their Transformation Initiatives

In today’s fast-moving business environment, you must have total confidence and control of your digital transformation project from the beginning. If you do not, then the “digital beast” will get to you, wrecking your deadlines and budget, alienating stakeholders, and jeopardising the very success of your project.

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In Slaying The Digital Beast, Dean Carlton challenges conventional wisdom, shows you how to avoid your digital transformation initiatives failing, and how to achieve Guaranteed Project OutcomesTM instead.

If you are responsible for a significant digital transformation project in your organisation, you already realise that your career will probably be defined by its success or failure. You are about to embark on one of the most challenging journeys of your career; and you need to take your team along the journey to reach your ultimate outcome.

Join this respected and successful industry veteran on your own journey of transformation, where you will discover unique perspectives that you can immediately apply to your own transformation initiatives.

On this journey of transformation, the author will share insights and challenge the credence of the common myths that surround digital transformation projects.

He will confront what some see as the accepted wisdom, and offer alternative viewpoints, or ways of looking at and dealing with situations that you may encounter on your project journey.

In this breakthrough book, you will learn:

  • How to slay your digital transformation project and become a bona fide ‘boardroom hero'
  • What challenges to be on the lookout for during each phase of your project's lifecycle
  • The hidden pitfalls of putting everything you want into a transformation project at once
  • The key role your organisation actually plays in knowing what is the ‘right' project strategy
  • How to keep your stress levels low and your confidence high when there are bumps in the project road

The key messages are illustrated by reference to real-life scenarios and project horror stories. The author also shares behind-the-scenes moments, conversations and stories that should NEVER have happened on projects – and yet they did!

This will be balanced out in the book by some success stories – tales of heroes and knights in shining armour!

The world of transformation projects can be challenging, exhilarating and satisfying. It should provide project participants with a fulfilling sense of completion and achievement that they can be proud of.

All too often, however, this is not the case. People suffer unnecessary stress, work excessive hours, and experience repeated and humiliating delays, damaged reputations and potential career damage.

This book presents some cautionary tales and plenty of advice to help you and your team to avoid this happening on your watch.

Executives, business owners, transformation leaders, program managers, project managers and anyone who is passionate about successfully achieving Guaranteed Project OutcomesTM for every single project will find Slaying The Digital Beast an indispensable, practical and actionable resource.

It was written to guide you on your transformational journey towards ‘Slaying The Digital Beast’.

To find out how Dean Carlton can guide you successfully through your own digital transformation initiative, get in touch with the Author via Global Village Transformations.

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